Solis 3.0kW Mini 4G Single Tracker

Solis 3.0kW Mini 4G Single Tracker

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All new Solis Mini 4G Series Grid-tie Inverter 

Ultra low Startup Voltage  - 90V

  •   High switch frequency technology-Smaller, smarter
  •   DRM integrated fully comply with AS47772:2015
  •   5 years standard warranty 20 years optional upgrade
  •   Export Limitation built in - Requires CT clamp (sold separately) - NOW G100 COMPLIANT
  • Rating: 3,000W
  • Phases: 1


NOTE: for SA customers, warranty extension is currently available for up to 10 years only

Please note this inverter can take 11A and 600V DC maximum, which means it can only be used in single string systems with less than 13-14 panels per string (depending on exact module type).