Huawei SL3000A & Janitza UMG103 Power Management

Huawei SL3000A & Janitza UMG103 Power Management

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This part is a special offer made up of the following items:

  • 1x Janitza Power Analyser UMG 103
  • 1x Huawei Smart Logger 3000A

The Huawei Smart Logger 3000A

dedicated to monitoring and managing a PV power generating system. It converges all ports, converts protocols, collects and stores data, and centrally monitors and maintains.


  • IEC60870-5-104 for connections to third-party monitoring systems;
  • USB and embedded web for data reading and software upgrade;
  • Automatically detecting equipment and assigning RS485 addresses;
  • Remote control of active & reactive power


  • Up to 80 inverters feeding into one Smart Logger;
  • Up to 30 devices per RS485 bus;
  • Easy to install on walls, tabletops and rails mounting


  • Max. reliable communication range of 1000m;
  • Remote configuration, automatic set-up of RS485 addresses
  • Now with built in SPD
  • Compatible with older Huawei -V1 inverter range and newer -M0, -H1 inverter range.

Janitza Power Analyser UMG 103

Universal measuring devices of the UMG 103 product family are mainly designed for use in low voltage distribution systems

  • Measurement and checking of electrical characteristics and energy consumption in energy distribution systems
  • Cost centre management
  • Threshold value monitoring, measured value transducer for building management systems or PLC
  • Monitoring of harmonics