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*Arriving at the coast of South Africa on 29th Of April 2021*

Goodwe Hybrid Inverters are in spot light and they are rated as No.1 in the world

"GoodWe Ranked as Global No. 1 Hybrid Inverter"

South Africa is currently in a strange place. The ever decreasing performance of the existing Eskom Power Plants is evident as well as the steady decline of the energy availability factor. With Load-Shedding currently happening 40 -50 times per year and 2 to 4 hours at a time. Eskom recently admitted that such interruptions are likely to persist for as long as the next 5 years due to a rapidly ageing fleet of coal plants and delays in setting up of the new power plants. - MoneyWeb

With the above information in mind, Goodwe has taken a step forward and have developed a special range, the EHB Series Hybrid Inverters specifically for the South African market. 

EHB Series is a single-phase hybrid inverter specially designed to meet the increasing energy storage needs from the residential segment. It is the ultimate integrated multi-function system, it follows a Plug & Play design and has an external communication connector, making the installation process quick and convenient. Supporting up to 50A battery charge/discharge current, the EHB series Hybrid Inverters can easily supply power to critical loads when the grid is compromised. It is AFCI-Ready and can support Rapid Shutdown function (such as Loadshedding). All these outstanding features make this inverter a perfect match for application in South African households.

Number of inverters going "Kaboom" in South Africa is on the rise. Yes, there are more inverters available on the market as compared to a few years back, however most of those are low end inverters are not capable of handling extensive power surges caused by loadshedding. With Godwe EHB Series invert you wont need to worry about it. 

AFCI Ready & Rapid Shutdown

UPS-Level switching (within 10ms) from grid mode to backup operation mode ensures seamless power supply for critical loads in your home. as well as Rapid Shutdown function, and offers you the option to get AFCI activated ensuring safety and reliability for the whole solar system.

Build in AC Bypass Switch, should the inverter be temporarily out of service, the backup loads can avoid power failure by quickly switching to the grid for power supply with the AC bypass switch.

4 MPPT – Higher Yields

Featuring 4 MPPTS, the EHB (5-10kW) is the perfect solution to feed solar power to large residential properties, offering you more choices and maximizing total solar generation.


EHB Series removes all the complexities of the installation process with its well-designed integrated AC/DC Breaker, Plug & Play connectors, external communication connector etc. This makes the installation much more convenient, saving not only costs but also time and space.


With a GoodWe EHB series you will be getting the best possible inverter for our current power state in South Africa. EHB series should be available from 29th of April in very limited numbers, it is advisable to pre order your EHB series Unit.

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